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Synthetic Chemistry Services

Avieum has a highly experienced team of synthetic chemists and the state of the art infrastructure to deliver Synthetic Chemistry services from milligram to kilogram scale.
We offer services for custom synthesis, reference standards, impurity synthesis, route scouting and process development. These services are available on a Fee-for-service (FFS) basis or a Full-time-equivalent (FTE) basis.
We have the expertise to deliver services in various areas of chemistry including Heterocyclic chemistry, Asymmetric synthesis, Carbohydrate chemistry, Nucleoside synthesis, Natural product synthesis and Small Library synthesis.

Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery Services

We have a team of highly experienced medicinal chemists who have successfully driven Medicinal Chemistry for Preclinical Discovery projects.
Lead Identification -
We provide Synthetic Chemistry support as well as Medicinal Chemistry inputs for Hit to Lead Identification programs.
Lead Optimization -
We also provide chemistry support for Lead Optimization programs by designing and synthesizing analogues to improve potency, pharmacokinetics, in vivo efficacy, safety profile and selectivity.

Analytical Chemistry Services

We provide Analytical Services for HPLC method development and validation, chiral separation, normal and reverse phase purification.